There are Smart Phones, Smart Cars, and Smart TVs.  Are we ready for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, and Smart Communities? A growing number of architects, planners, and energy specialists think we are.  We agree that design starts early and incorporates performance goals right along with shape, size, and color. These goals then affect reduced energy and water use targets, indoor air quality (helathy environments), econimcs, and sustainability.  Our communities are currently built on consuming ineffecient amounts of the above. We believe that by the year 2020, our homes, buildings, and communities as a whole can turn the switch from consumer to producer.  Now, the only thing left to become Smart is us - home buyers, developers, designers, and city leaders.

designshop, llc is a proponent of Vision2020 and not the originator.  We will share readings and other finding as we grow along with the initiative.  We welcome comments of shared or opposing views.
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