Cameron Sinclair: My Wish: A call for open-source architecture


Architecture for Humanity

Open Architecture Network

We are huge fans of TED and really enjoyed this TEDtalk. Many of Cameron Sinclair's design ethics hold true to designshop principles. we believe his drive to design for the world is just as valid here at home. A few powerful quotes that connected with us are...

"Architects have the power to either improve or create a detriment to the community to which we are designing in"

"We are not just building for residents or people who are going to use the building - but for the community as a whole"

"My wish is to develop a community that actively embraces innovative & sustainable design to improve living conditions for all"

all commuinities need better housing, better buildings, and better public spaces. we are fortunate to be in an industry that affects the lives of others through action and innovation.