design (innovate and collaborate) shop (a place for making)

designshop is based in memphis, tn with the majority of its work focused on the people and area of the midsouth. founded in 2013, the firm is an open studio of collaborative designers who share a common belief in memphis and growing entrepreneurial spirit among the city's creative class. since its inception, the firm has completed an astonishing number of projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of each respective client. operating on the principles of under-selling and over-delivering, designshop values a strong finish as much as design itself. as such, designshop is a growing force among local architectural offerings, driven by a commitment to responsive, contextual, and progressive design that is uniquely suited to each client and their needs. it's principals, tim michael, aia and scott guidry, ra, csi, have won over 25 aia design awards on both the local, state, and regional levels in a variety of project types and scales.

it is clear we are committed to design excellence. our team of architects, designers, and construction document specialists is committed to working closely with you to create spaces that are uniquely yours. spaces which are not only functional, but inspiring and worthy of being called architecture.

scott guidry, ra

a native of new orleans, scott spent his childhood in rural louisiana. there in the simplicity of small-town life, he learned about true community — a space where people matter, where needs are met, and where the good of the many outweighs that of the few. during his teenage years, he carried those life-lessons to memphis, tennessee, where he completed high school at kingsbury and college at the university of memphis.

scott is a registered architect with a passion for design that makes a difference. he is a member of the construction specifications institute, where he has held numerous positions on the board of directors. his service includes a two-term presidency for the memphis chapter of csi, as well as student affiliate liaison. scott is also a member of the csi memphis dempsie b. morrison scholarship fund, inc. board, where he has served two terms as president.  his involvement in this initiative is a natural extension of his long-term support of architectural students at the university of memphis since his own graduation from the program in 1993.

for the past 20 years, scott has worked for three architectural firms, where he has gained invaluable knowledge and wisdom from mentors in the field, keeping him grounded and well-versed in various project types. over his years of work, scott has been involved in projects ranging from multi-million-dollar facilities to simple bath and kitchen renovations, and most everything in between. he has worked closely with corporate entities, government agencies, commercial developers, restaurateurs, and home owners to make their dreams a built reality. scott understands the challenges of each project type and can communicate its needs to the team from concept to completion, resulting in a long record of successful projects.  through it all, his clients become his friends, and he prides himself on continued patronage of their facilities.  

a proud memphian, scott lives with his wife tanya and daughter sara in midtown. his passion for life-balance insures that his family enjoys as much attention as his work.  scott also enjoys creating things; he builds one-off custom furniture pieces, thanks to a background in architectural millwork. and as a fanatic of automobile design, scott can talk cars with anyone, not just his local porsche club members. whatever the community he finds himself in—architectural, neighborhood, family, church, or auto club—scott seeks to make a positive contribution to society that lasts for generations to come. 

tim michael, aia

Tim is a professional dedicated to the process of making architecture and the art of building.  He believes in the capacity of architecture to reach people on a personal level and influence lives in ways that heighten awareness of both the built and natural worlds.

With humble beginnings in the flat lands of Tennessee, Tim gained an early appreciation for an agrarian architecture that featured just enough …. not too much or little, but just enough. Today, he pursues architecture centered on ideas, research, rigor, and the art and science of building.  Conceptual ideas are tailored through client collaboration and research, while absorbing the influence of such realities as budget, site characteristics, materiality, cultural influence, and construction technology.  This approach allows the freedom to focus on the specific character of each project and owner, exploring the unique possibilities that each project presents without preconceived ideologies or design motives.

In addition to serving as a founding partner of designshop, Tim has served as studio instructor within both undergraduate and graduate studios at the University of Memphis, served as guest juror at other universities, lectured at design industry events, and participated in numerous community-centered design events benefitting greater Memphis.  Besides an intense passion for architecture, Tim is driven by his faith and the love of his wife and children.


Master of Architecture – University of Virginia, 1999

Bachelor of Science – University of Memphis, 1997

kelly may, ra, ncarb

Born and raised in a suburb of Memphis, Kelly grew up in a small town with a vibrant community and a rooted past. At a young age, she developed a love for the city which she has carried throughout her life. While attending architecture school at the university of Memphis, she learned how design could affect the identity of a community and became interested in how an architecture of a place can have a defining impact.  As she continued her studies at the University of Tennessee, Kelly became more interested in the city and the communities that form it. After receiving a Master’s degree in architecture, Kelly found herself in a different type of community altogether designing beach homes in small “new urbanism” towns in florida. Through these experiences, Kelly decided to take what she had learned back to her home and focus on the community where it all began.

Today, Kelly is applying her experiences to projects she works on in her community. Her passion for design stems from seemingly simple solutions masking complex problems. She believes that good design is simplistic in its entirety, yet the intricate details are the hidden pieces that allow it to function and create a lasting impact.

Since returning to Memphis, Kelly has been able to spend more time with her family which she enjoys. She also loves cooking and staying active. She has had the opportunity to serve as a guest juror at her alma mater and enjoys contributing to the architecture community.

master of architecture – university of tennessee, 2013

bachelor of fine arts – university of memphis, 2011




emily redding, ra, ncarb

Emily's interest in design began as a child growing up outside of Fort Worth, Texas helping with the many renovation and improvement projects her family completed for their home. This began her fascination with the ability to “beautify” existing spaces through creative solutions, fueling her desire to further improve aesthetics and functionality in the built environment through renovation and new design. Emily's creativity extends to her passion for music and songwriting. This combination of gifts brings a unique musicality to her visual design and a consideration for the acoustic effect of different spaces and materials. Emily realizes that buildings are more than space and light, they also affect us by the way they interact with the sounds we make.

Emily completed her BFA in Architecture along with a Music Minor in Piano Performance from the University of Memphis. Then, she was able to combine both passions as she completed her Master of Architecture from the University of Memphis, focusing on the power of acoustical architecture and designing a public sanctuary for singing and music as her thesis project.

While completing her formal education, Emily gained valuable experience working in collaboration with various architecture firms specializing in healthcare design. She also continues to teach piano, give concerts, and lead worship in her church. Emily's volunteer community involvement encompasses planning and design projects such as the design-build of a dog park in Midtown Memphis and pavilions at Carpenter Arts Garden, assisting in AIA sponsored events, and other church and community programs.

master of architecture – university of memphis, 2018

bachelor of fine arts – university of memphis, 2015